Stand off detection of trace explosives

AirBorneMineScan ABMS

To clear mines one first has to detect mines. Mines are camouflaged. They can be surface laid or buried, their casings built from metal or nonmagnetic materials, overgrown by vegetation or covered by shifting sands, old and heavily corroded but still functional, or factory fresh and recently laid.

Detecting mines is an extremely difficult, dangerous and painfully slow task.


The main technologies still used are manual prodding, metal detectors and mine detection dogs.


In looking at the diversity of landmines and the highly variable environments in which they are deployed it becomes obvious why other tried, tested or even fielded technologies appear to have failed in the past.

The lack of a fast, economical and truly safe detection technology remains by far the biggest obstacle for the clearing of large civil areas from anti-personal landmines and cluster munitions. And it is obvious that the clearance process should not focus solely on anti-personal landmines and cluster munitions but must also include anti-vehicle mines and unexploded ordnance. In the not too distant future humanitarian deminers will also have to deal with a huge variety of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) - left after asymmetrical warfare operations in countries like Afghanistan or Columbia have ended.

There is still no established technology capable to detect mines in a stand off mode from a safe distance and over large areas. However such a technology is dearly needed as it would allow the fast and economical release of large mine suspected hazardous areas which actually were never mined and the detection and clearance of mine fields, single stray mines and cluster munitions inside and outside of areas classified as hazardous areas.


We belive our below described technology approach - and the results achieved so far - hold great promise for further improvements in humanitarian demining.

An Emerging Remote Sensing Technology and its Potential Impact on Mine Action
A presentation on the "AirBorneMineScan" project given by GeoTec on the occasion of the CROMAC International Symposium Humanitarian Demining 2010, Sibenik, Croatia
An Emerging Remote Sensing Technology an[...]
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GeoTec concept of a biophotonic platform for C-IED
GeoTec Konzept einer biophotonischen Pl[...]
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Paper CROMAC 26.03.2010.pdf
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Geotec`s participation in the military ELROB staged by the German Army 2010 in Hammelburg
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